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Eco-friendly is fast becoming the catch phrase for many people. Why? Simply because it is important to use what we have sensibly and safely. Unfortunately too many businesses just ‘mouth the words’ and have no real interest in the environment or social and economic issues.

The range of Eco-Friendly corporate branded products and merchandise supplied by Powerhouse Direct are chosen by us to be recognized as supporting real causes and making a real difference in the way we use and view our world.
To some this may be seen as just a gimmick. To the enlightened this is a really powerful, simple and elegant way of proving your business cares about more than just money.

Becoming and Eco-Friendly recognized company can be achieved by giving Eco-Friendly corporate products and gifts to your clients. YOUR company can make a difference and influence others. YOU just need to make the statement!

To visit one of our supplier’s websites and to browse their collections, please choose a selection from the list below.

ECO-Friendly Products

logo Image Collection Green ECO logo Orso logo Orient Collection logo Logoline logo Epic Legend logo BIC Graphic logo Logo Gift logo New Range logo Premier Collection logo Promo Bags logo high Caliber Logo urban vogue logo TPPM logo Green Gifts

ECO Friendly Clothing

logo Epic Legend Logo Ramo logo Grace Logo headware Logo Ausspirit Logo Gondwana Logo Stencil Logo Boostup Logo Bella