The Power of Promotion

Product and brand promotion is a vitally important component in the overall marketing and advertising mix. A well thought out and executed promotional strategy can often place a brand name before a wider audience than media advertising and in a much more cost-effective way.

Promotional merchandise and clothing can be very carefully targeted. They can be tailored to suit your budget. They often result in long-term and consistent exposure. And they can be selected in a way which makes them relevant to your product, your market, and even your advertising campaign.

In fact, the two keywords when choosing the components of a promotional campaign are relevance and quality.

Promotional marketing can be a very powerful tool. At Powerhouse Direct, we’ll show you how.

Facts and Figures – Did You Know That ?

Last year, American companies spent $18 billion on promotional products.

They are flexible, tangible and long-lasting.

They have a high perceived value.